Brent Street Art Film

Kingsbury Street Art Battle

Kingsbury School hosted the first ever Secret Wars School Edition battle on Tues. Two teams of students involved in the Brent Street Art project battled it out using the illustration skills that they have been developing over the past month of workshops with professional Street Artists.

It was a close battle with the crowd vote evenly split between the two teams. It was one of the judges Mr Price who eventually had the deciding vote and went for Stika’s team.

Stika\'s Team

The ‘Most Improved’ prize of an Ecko watch went to Carla or ‘Floral’ as she is now known for her flower patterned style.

A good crowd turned out to see the two teams fill 3 large canvases with black and white drawings in just 60 mins. Each team had half of the canvases and an imaginary line down the centre meant that the teams had to fuse their drawings with the opposing team. The standard of work was very high and the pros were truly impressed by their teams work.

The finsihed Master Piece

Congratulations to all involved. Feedback from the audience which was made up of students, teachers, local press, London Borough of Brent, friends and family has been excellent and everyone was very impressed by the standard of the work.

Watch this space for a short film documenting the project.


Kingsbury Street Art Battle Gallery

Trip to the Trains

Participants of the Brent Street Art project visited the Monorex’s studio today in preparation for the Secret Wars Skool Edition on Tues 13th May.

Monorex work out of renovated tube trains situated on top of a warehouse events space in Shoreditch. The site is called Village Underground.

The visit gave the participants a good understanding of what life working at the creative site is like. Auro Foxcroft, the project Director at Village Underground, gave the team a short presentation on how the trains came to be, Stika led a tour to a nearby legal graffiti wall, the team visited an exhibition in the warehouse space below the trains and then the Monorex team led some illustration practice in their studio. The participants were put to the challenge yet again as Monorex gave them black canvases to work on. They used bright neon paint pens to create the work which looked really great all lined up at the end of the afternoon. They seemed to almost glow in the sunlight.

Thanks to all at Village Underground for a great afternoon and to the students of Kingsbury school for their hard work and enthusiasm.

Marketing Secret Wars Skool Edition

Students involved in the first ever Secret Wars Skool Edition marketed their event to peers at Kingsbury School gates last night. The team created a real buzz with music, handing out flyers designed during the workshops and demonstrating their Secret Wars Illustration skills.

The team also presented some of the work in their assembly to make sure the word was out.

Now we are busy practicing and preparing for the event which is next Tuesday.

Characters Workshop

Tuesday night saw the second of the Street Art workshops at Kingsbury School. Everyone is preparing for the Illustration battle which is only weeks away.

We developed a range of characters and used them to create a banner to help with the marketing of the battle. The banner was great practice at fusing drawings with other people who are working around you in your team. Have a look at the pictures from the workshop below…

Graffiti Report Cards

Graffiti Report Card stickers for rating street art and graffiti have been developed by DesignCrack.

Controversial Graffiti Report Card

This project has sparked debate and controversy from all sides of the Art/Vandalism debate. Some taggers are annoyed at the notion of having their work judged whilst some graffiti critics see this as just another layer of vandalism.

Graffiti Report Card in Action

What do you think?

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